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Discover WP Controls

Our company creates the most advanced, feature rich and easy to use boat lift controllers on the market.

We are lake people and understand the need for safety, security and convenience when it comes to your boat while it is on the lift. Weekenders and full time residents alike enjoy the much needed features that our lift controller provides.

Each controller is built to customer specs. We build them in custom styles, colors and lift capacities just for you.

We also take pride in providing a product that is made in the USA.

Get More Out of Your Existing Boat Lift

Built Tough

From personal water craft to large cruisers, our controllers are built for the task.


Our lift controllers are compatible with all brands and sizes of air actuated boat lifts. The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. The web app is compatible with all major browsers. Available in 1, 2, 3 and 4 blower motor and valve combinations.

The WP Controls Advantage

Finally a fully automatic boat lift controller that...

  • Gives you peace of mind and convenience
  • Allows you to know your boat is safe and secure while you are away
  • Alerts bystanders of lift operation with light and sound
  • Enables you to remotely view and control the lift from anywhere
  • Allows you to control multiple boat lift controllers from an app and website
  • Sends you notifications in real-time of any issues or movement
  • Is simple to install and has an easy to use touch screen display
  • Has fun shapes and colors available

The WP Controls Solution

Enjoy peace of mind with a WP Controls boat lift controller. Remotely view and control the lift from anywhere.
Get notifications in real-time of any issues or movement.
Easy to use touch screen display.

Boat Lift Controller Features:

  • 7" touch screen with simple graphical buttons for ease of use
  • Bluetooth or internet remote control via cell phone app or website
  • Provides camera view of boat and lift via website or phone app
  • Custom novelty enclosure shape designs and color combinations available
  • Fully programmable boat lift positions (Up, Board, Down)
  • Electronic valves that automatically shut if power is lost
  • Manually control valves when power is lost
  • Lift controller connects to your existing wifi, ethernet cable, cellular hotspot or Bluetooth
  • Automatically maintains lift in up position while you are away
  • Lift movement and error notification via text, email and phone app
  • Warns if dock power or internet outage occurs via text, email and phone app
  • Two independent fully programmable receptacles for accessories like dock lighting or deicers
  • Programmable receptacle power triggered by: dusk to dawn, temperature based, schedule or toggled manually via app or web-site
  • Initial safety buzzer sound then flashing LED light strip while in motion
  • Easy to install, maintenance free, waterproof lift height sensor

Our lift controller is very intuitive and is setup in seconds with a few button presses!

No complicated instuctions and key press combinations here!

The WP Controls Style

Our US Patented boat lift controllers are available in different shapes and colors so you can stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Our Products

(2 year parts warranty on all products)

Standard Style Controller

  • (1 Blower 2 Valve)
  • (2 Blower 4 Valve)
  • (3 Blower 6 Valve)
  • (4 Blower 8 Valve)

Light House Novelty Style Controller

  • (1 Blower 2 Valve)
  • (2 Blower 4 Valve)
  • (3 Blower 6 Valve)
  • (4 Blower 8 Valve)

Nautical Novelty Style Controller

  • (1 Blower 2 Valve)
  • (2 Blower 4 Valve)
  • (3 Blower 6 Valve)
  • (4 Blower 8 Valve)

You Can Mix Lid and Body Colors

Available Colors

Replacement Parts

Replacement 2 Stage Blower Motor


Replacement Electronic Valve


Software Updates and Online Support


Replacement Power Supply


Replacement DC SSR


Replacement AC SSR


Replacement 20amp GFCI


Replacement Height Sensor


Replacement Camera Sensor Module


Enjoy peace of mind with a WP Controls boat lift controller.

Know what is going on with your boat lift while you are away.
Remotely view and control the lift.
Get notifications in realtime of any issues or movement.
Easy to use touch screen display.

Here's What Our Customers Say

“Absolutely Love, Love, Love the touch screen! Super easy for me to operate!” --Sally Z.

“We have always had to make a special trip down to the lake to check on our boats during the winter. Now we can view them from our phone!” --Linda B.

“Our family loves the convenience of this lift controller. It makes putting the boat on the lift a snap.” --Steve T.

“I don’t have an internet connection on my dock, but the Bluetooth feature still allows me to control the lift on my phone from a great distance from the dock.” --Don H.

“The text notification that tells me when the lift is in motion is nice. When my kids are down alone I know when they are messing with one of the boats.” --Thomas M.

“The auto lift maintainer is a great feature. When I am away, the lift used to lower a bit after several weeks of rough water. Now with this controller, it will keep it in the up position automatically!” --Fred G.

“The coolest thing ever! I can lower the boat to board position or any position for the boat detailers and mechanic remotely while out of state.” --Pat C.

“The programmable receptacles are handy. I can set my dock lights to come on at dark. I am going to use it for the de-icer this winter too!” --Bob R.